West Central Support CALEA and Trusted Third Party Solutions

The FCC has set a firm deadline of May 14, 2007 for all Internet access service providers and VoIP Interconnect service providers (collectively referred to as BroadBand Service Providers, BSPs) to achieve compliance to the CALEA regulations. They will need to upgrade their networks to provide law enforcement agencies access to wiretaps on IP networks for data and voice communications. Given the proliferation of mechanisms of compliance ranging from complete outsourcing to partial outsourcing of the CALEA technical solution to a trusted third party (TTP) to implementing the technical solution in house, it is critical that small and medium service providers choose a solution that works, addresses their business and technology challenges today, and can be easily upgraded to address future changes in the regulations.

West Central Support Offers a Complete CALEA Solutions Package

West Central support provides Procera Networks PacketLogic platform, a cost effective, complete, and scalable solution that seamlessly integrates into the service provider's existing network, without the need to upgrade any network element in the network infrastructure fabric. Procera's unique value proposition is that in addition to being able to handle the Interception and Delivery of content as sanctioned by the FCC CALEA regulations, the solution also delivers the most accurate, policy-based traffic management capabilities for Broadband Service Providers (BSPs).

In addition to providing Procera Networks' PacketLogic platform as a viable CALEA solution, West Central Support provides Trusted Third Party (TTP) CALEA services. We will analyze your network to identify the optimal location for the Packet Logic platform and assist in the set up, installation, and testing of the equipment. As the TTP, West Central Support will receive the intercept request from the ISP and appropriately configure the rules in PacketLogic to meet the specifics of the intercept request as well as facilitate information delivery to the LEA and handle the appropriate paperwork and filings.