24/7 Help Desk

We specialize in providing best-in-class 24/7 customer service based technical support for our clients.  Our dedication to a positive customer experience means live technicians quickly answer your customers calls and are willing to go the extra-mile to satisfy your customers.  We emphasize issue resolution over call quantity and our easily understandable technicians will gladly take as much time as necessary assist with any customer issue. 

West Central Support's Help Desk Services has the flexibility to meet your companies specific needs.  You determine how you would like your calls handled.  We'll work with you to setup a standard of service levels and Quality Assurance metrics that will insure that your customers are receiving the level of service that they deserve.  This information will be made available to you on an interval and ad-hoc basis based on your requirements.  Whatever you need, we'll work to provide it.

Call Center Availability

Our call center is staffed around the clock and has the flexibility to meet any support need.  We support a variety of after hours and weekend needs to 24/7 around the clock services.  Whatever your companies needs, West Central Support has the call center infrastructure to customize a support program for your organization.

Call Flow

West Central Support's goal is to provide effective customer service based tech support tailored to our clients needs.  In order to do this, we have to be flexible in our operation. WCS offers two main call flow options in order to do this...

  • Linear - Our linear flow is our traditional call center flow. Your customers call will deliver to the first available technician. In the event that all our technicians are on calls, your customer's call will enter a short queue and will be answered in the order in which received by the phone system. We diligently monitor our queue times to insure that they remain minimal.

  • Loop - Our loop flow is unique to the industry. It is similar to the linear option but will give the caller the option to leave a message after a designated threshold or remain in queue with the message option repeating every 60 seconds. This means in the event of high volumes, your customers will remain on hold only as long as they choose to do so.

Either option is available for your customers and is completely customizable. Both offer unique benefits to consider when choosing a flow. You know your organization and your customers so you can decide which flow best fits your organization.


West Central Support runs a "State of the Art" phone system that enables us to have the capability to implement a variety of telephony support options.

  • Skills Based Routing - Allows designated calls to be delivered to specific technicians with specialized training or capabilities.

  • Priority Routing - Enables us to give certain type of calls priority over others at both the queue level and skill set levels. An example would be that a bilingual call will be delivered to a bilingual technician before English speaking calls that were accepted into the queue before the bilingual call. This added capability allows us to more efficiently manage our resources resulting in a higher quality support service for your customers.

  • Call Capture and Call Monitoring - West Central Support has the ability to perform live monitoring of any call at any time. We can also setup timed recordings and capture calls at any time including those already in progress.  Flexible recording capabilities enhances our abilities to insure the highest quality standards are met.

  • Management Tools - The West Central Support management staff monitors and controls production using a variety of tools. Supervisors have real time displays that show agent states, call lengths, and call production metrics.

  • Reporting - Our phone system has advanced reporting capabilities. We are able to access a variety of reports at the queue, agent, and individual call levels. Standard interval reports are available to clients and West Central Supports Account Managers are available for ad-hoc and investigatory reporting.

Work Center

When you partner with West Central Support for Help Desk Services, you get access to our custom built trouble ticketing and information system. The work center is a web-based application that logs, categorizes, and stores all issues worked by our technicians.

  • Information Database - The Work Center houses all the relevant information about our clients, their network, equipment, etc.

  • Alert Communications - All urgent issues are communicated to our technicians via an alert system housed in the Work Center. Our supervisors have the ability to know who has accessed the alert and when it was accessed. Our clients have the option to post Alerts in the Work Center as well. If you need to inform our technicians of urgent information pertaining to your organization, creating an Alert in the Work Center is the most expedient way to do so.

  • Tier Escalations - Situations will occur that require issues to be escalated to various tiers of support including back to your organizations system administrator. Our Work Center will generate an email, SMS, phone call, or a combination of your choice to designated members of your organization when issues are escalated.

  • Reporting - All of our clients have access to view their organization's work orders, trouble tickets, tier escalations, and organizational information. The Work Center allows you to access a variety of reports at any time. Some of the most popular reports are the number of work orders completed, unresolved orders, and issue classification.