Network and Data Services

Core Network Services
West Central Support is a regional internet backbone provider for much of Texas and the south central United States.  Our bandwidth packages are scalable and range from a single T1 to multiple OC-Ns.
We our routes are geographically and carrier diverse insuring maximum redundancy and reliability.
Our 24/7 on-site staff constantly monitors all circuits and has the quickest response time to issues in the industry.

System Administrator Support
Our experienced System Administrators can support a variety of Network Operations.
West Central has a selection of scalable packages to meet your unique hosting needs.
Our System Administrators provide 24/7 multi-platform support.
You can focus on running your business knowing that a professional team of System Administrators is constantly monitoring your network to insure optimum performance for your business and your customers.

Email Hosting Services
West Central Support will host and support your email. Our System Administrators will provide 24/7 email support for your organization and customers.
WebMail- Users can access their mail through a convenient web interface from any computer with a web browser and an internet connection.
Users can customize their WebMail interface through the use of WebMail Skins.
RPOP- Allows the user to access multiple remote mailboxes through one single account.
SMTP Auth- This feature allows user to send email through our servers while traveling using their normal email client.
Email Aliases- We provide end users the ability to alias general accounts such as or to a real person such as
All incoming messages pass through our Spam Filtering System. The end-user has the option to automatically delete all email identified as spam or have it placed in a user reviewable area called "Greymail". Users can access their Greymail through a convenient WebMail interface. Any messages left in the Greymail area are automatically purged in 7 days. User level settings (through the end-user control panel) allow the user to set the spam filtering level on their account along with being able to add email addresses to their own personal White and Black lists.
All incoming and outgoing email messages pass through our virus filters. Any message that's identified as being infected is automatically deleted. West Central Support uses multiple virus scanning engines to provide your users with the maximum level of protection.

Consulting Services
West Central Support's team of Engineers and System Administrators are available for consulting services for a variety of IT issues. Whether your organization is looking for a large scale network architecture solution or assistance with a small server, our team of project management professionals are ready to lend their experience and expertise to your business.

Colocation Services
West Central Support offers a variety of scalable packages for colocation services in a state of the art facility.
Redundant diverse fiber links.
Multiple diverse DS3 routes to the Internet.
Services monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a true Telco grade environment.